If you are looking for a simple IOC container with JPA and remoting support - try simject!


During my private studies on dependency injection (DI), dynamic proxy, remoting, Maven2 and JPA I started to create a small very simple dependency injection framework with some basic features. I then decided to make it available for every one - maybe someone can use it.

I named it simject: SIMple (or SIMons;-) dependency inJECTion. The main goal is to provide DI support in Batch or FatClient applications. In Java EE applications I recommend the use of EJB3 DI. simject has some basic features that I need in my every day work and it is, compared with complex full featured DI frameworks, very easy to use.

simject is using only Java standard classes and does not depend on any third party library or framework. Therefore it can be used in any environment.

Below you will find a short introduction with some basic information. There is also a more comprehensive examples in the UsersGuide . The hole example is available in the Subversion repository .
simject is available for download in the Downloads section .

Have fun!

Quick Start

simject uses the JSR 250 @Resource annotation for configuring the dependency injection.

private EmployeeManager employeeManager;

Then it needs a little XML configuration:

<resources xmlns="http://simject.org/xml/ns/resources"
  http://simject.org/xml/ns/resources/resources_1_0.xsd" version="1.0">

  <resource type="org.simject.demo.business.EmployeeManager" />


The usage is extremly simple as well:

SimFactory factory = new SimFactory("resources.xml");
EmployeeService service = factory.getResource(EmployeeService.class);

Check the UsersGuide for more information.

Current features

  • POJO injection
  • JPA EntityManager injection and configuration
  • Client/Server communication over HTTP